Transition Information

Jan 10

Category: General

Service Requests: Effective on December 1st, 2018 all service requests should be directed to the KONE Customer Care Center at 1-877-276-8691. Your call will immediately be dispatched to your local KONE service technician. KONE Customer Care Center agents can provide real-time tracking of the entire process, from your technician’s response to your call, arrival at your building, and completion of the task.

Effective December 1, 2018, you may also e-mail your service requests to: KONESERVICE@KONE.COM In your e-mail, please include a description of the problem, building name, address, city, state, your contact name and phone number

Payments: All payments for services prior to December 1st, 2018 should be made to Eltec Elevator Ltd. as per your normal existing process.

Please set up a new vendor, KONE Inc., in your systems for services after that date with the following remit-to address: KONE Inc. Station M, PO Box 2509 Calgary AB, T2P 0E2

Kindly do not rename us in your system as payments might go to the wrong party. KONE is working to ensure all invoicing for maintenance is accurate and consistent with what you have received from Eltec Elevator Ltd. To that end, if you are to receive a maintenance invoice in December, that invoice will be mailed out by KONE approximately middle of December. Future invoices will be mailed the first of the month or otherwise in accordance with your contract with Eltec Elevator Ltd.

If you have questions regarding this transition, you may continue to contact our North Vancouver office at 604-986-1896.

You may learn more by visiting KONE at