Eltec Elevator Ltd. specializes in modernizing all brands of elevators. Modernization means updating the elevator(s) in accordance with current regulations within British Columbia.

Our customized modernization solutions are designed to not only enhance the safety aspect of your elevator, but to also optimize the performance and improve aesthetics.  

As one of the largest independent modernization companies in Metro Vancouver, we ensure that each existing elevator can be modernized according to current standards and to our customers’ specifications.  We complete over 35 modernizations on a yearly basis, ranging from standard to complex high-rise projects with an emphasis on attention to detail.


Why Modernize your Elevator?


All equipment installed by Eltec is non-proprietary which means that it can be maintained by any qualified maintenance provider now and in the future.


An upgrade will ensure that your elevator equipment meets all current British Columbia safety code requirements.

Reliability & Aesthetics

Modernized equipment will have fewer failures and improve reliability. Upgraded cab interiors and pushbuttons give buildings a modern makeover.


New controls with Central Processing Units (CPU) deliver smoother acceleration, deceleration and improved leveling which results in a more comfortable ride.

Energy Savings

New Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drives improves power efficiency by using 20 – 30% less energy than older AC motor / DC generator sets.

Expedited Troubleshooting

New controls contain easy to use diagnostics and fault codes which allow for efficient troubleshooting and quicker repairs